Welcome Parents!

By enrolling your child in our school, you make the decision to become part of a community dedicated to cultivating innovative, productive and responsible citizens.

At the Penn Hills Charter School of Entrepreneurship everyone is a decision-maker. That means all students are put squarely in charge of their own learning and are given the opportunity to develop and use their talents to make decisions and be held responsible for their learning outcomes.

By integrating character development and academic achievement, our commitment is to help young people develop into well-rounded individuals.

When enrolling your child at the Penn Hills Charter School of Entrepreneurship, it is important that we have information on your child’s current Exceptional Education status. It can take up to four weeks for us to receive information from past schools. If your child has a current Individual Education Plan (IEP), please bring a copy upon enrollment so that we may begin services immediately.

If you join our community as a parent, we’ll equip you too with the tools and support you need to be an integral part of your child’s education and growth in partnership with our schools. When you are involved, your children succeed.

Please read through the parent sections for important information concerning you and your child.