Penn Hills Charter School of Entrepreneurship holds the proud distinction of being the first MicroSociety school to open with only a Kindergarten to Second Grade cohort of students. Our school family continues to grow and we are currently serving Kindergarten to Eighth Grade students. We continue pursuing ambitious goals to create a joyful mini-society in our school, that will make learning relevant and fun, and will help our young people become good decision-makers both now and in their future lives.

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What is a MicroSociety?

A MicroSociety school is a K-8 learning environment. The innovative concept was created in 1967 as one teacher’s effort to restructure his classroom into an academically challenging and interactive place to motivate students to want to learn and succeed. Dr. George Richmond, then a rookie teacher in New York City, introduced the idea of creating a functioning miniature society into his classroom as a tool to bring relevance to leaning and to teach individual responsibility. He discovered that even the most disadvantaged children realized their potential to succeed when school was made relevant to their daily lives.

A MicroSociety school puts learning theory into practice throughout the school daily. Incorporating real-world experiences into basic curriculum helps students apply what they learn in the classroom to real life and helps teachers and principals transcend the “stand and deliver” daily routine. By making learning relevant, kids not only want to be in school, they want to succeed.

MICROSOCIETY, Inc. provides its network of schools, after school community centers, summer programs, and multi-site initiatives with a comprehensive range of services and support programs. The organization tailors its services to fit the particular needs, interests, and resources of its sites and addresses the needs of the entire range of students in the k-8 population, including gifted and special needs. The organization’s goal is to find the extraordinary in every child and has been doing just that for over 15 years.

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Contact Us:

Nina Tortorice
MicroSociety Coordinator
412-793-6471 nina.tortorice@phcharter.org